The Social Benefits of Coworking and Networking

The number of workers that use coworking and flexible working spaces has grown significantly in the post covid era, disrupting traditional business models, and leading to new ways of working that call for increased innovation and collaboration.

New workplace ecosystems are a blend between a traditional office, shared office space and working from home. However, coworking workspaces help to embed structure, improve productivity, and allow for increased scope for networking opportunities and further collaboration.

We look at the benefits of coworking and networking in the workplace and highlight how these spaces can mitigate isolation and loneliness and help to build a community that can result in long-term growth.


What are people looking for in a coworking space?

A coworking space should offer exceptional connectivity, attractive amenities and a considered multifunctional design. For businesses uncertain of where to set up and establish a permanent base, coworking spaces can offer a surefire solution, helping you to save money and offering essential flexibility.

If you are looking for the right coworking space for your growing business, or are a remote and hybrid worker on the lookout for a flexible coworking space, the following features will be important to keep in mind in choosing the right coworking space:

  • Location: gone are the days of outdated office buildings, with harsh lighting, cubicles and situated in the middle of big cities with minimal space. Individuals are increasingly looking for light and welcoming environments in convenient coworking locations, including outdoor spaces to unwind, take regular breaks and get some much-needed fresh air.
  • Parking: for those outside of London and residing away from larger cities, safe and secure parking remains essential, providing utmost convenience and accessibility.
  • Opening times: many coworking and networking spaces are open 24-7, allowing individuals greater autonomy and flexibility over their working schedule. Meeting likeminded individuals at the same time each week can help to forge social connections, reduce feelings of isolation, create opportunities for networking and build meaningful relationships.
  • Amenities: a shared drinks station and kitchen stocked up with essentials, like tea and coffee can bring coworking individuals together and bond over similar interests.
  • Shared digital resources: exceptional Wi-Fi connectivity, with ample charging points, printing facilities and on hand customer support are essential.
  • Segmented working areas: private pods and break out spaces, alongside designated coworking zones all help to promote an agile workplace, facilitate networking, sharing of ideas and cross-collaboration.
  • Comfortable seating: sitting in uncomfortable and unsupportive seating can result in a range of physical health issues. Investing in high-quality seating will be vital to ensure long-term occupancy and improve the wellbeing of coworkers.

The most successful coworking spaces focus heavily on the health and wellbeing of their members, which is underpinned with a growing a supportive community. This environment helps to further workplace productivity, reduce feelings of isolation and helps individuals to thrive.

Who benefits most from coworking spaces?

Coworking spaces are traditionally geared towards freelancers, startup businesses and entrepreneurs. Large coworking and shared spaces can be used at a fraction of the cost of renting larger, traditional office buildings and feature a mix of open coworking areas, shared resources, and private meeting rooms, blending flexibility with the potential to scale.  Whether you are looking for a space for regular meetings, conducting interviews, or simply completing individual work in private, coworking spaces provide the perfect multifunctional space.

Additionally, a coworking space provides a level of routine and structure for freelancers, helping to create distinction between work and home life. Meeting likeminded individuals  can also help to create a friendly community space, as well as resulting in shared ideas and increased room for networking and innovation.


The opportunities of social networking in a coworking space

Social networking is a significant advantage of using a coworking space. The benefits are endless and can pay dividends to your career…

Build meaningful connections

By using a coworking space, you can expand your social network and join a welcoming community that can help you form meaningful, lifelong connections. Meeting others with similar schedules can help coworkers to build social bonds and improve physical and mental wellbeing.

Network with likeminded individuals

Coworking spaces provide the perfect environment to network with likeminded entrepreneurs and professionals with similar interests to help you advance your business, find investors and expand your customer base.

Advance your career

Whether it’s through various events, conferences or forums, coworking spaces can help you to grow your contacts, open doors to potential job opportunities, and help workers to glean valuable insights that could  lead to further business opportunities.

Create a community inside a coworking space

Using a coworking space brings together freelancers, solo workers, teams and businesses made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds, cultural values, and life experiences, creating a rich tapestry. Flexible coworking spaces can also be used to host community events and social activities. Whether through professional workshops, lunch and learns or community get togethers, game night or simple breakfast clubs, these events focus on building an inclusive community where all parties can flourish.

Are co-working spaces worth it?

For those looking for a flexible, multifunctional working space, coworking can offer an ideal solution. These spaces aim to keep costs  affordable, while offering the scalability needed to grow your business. Additionally, the spaces can facilitate networking with fellow entrepreneurs and includes access to state-of-the-art amenities to help you enhance productivity and overall wellbeing. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, freelancer, part of a growing team or business owner, coworking spaces provide a dynamic and supportive setting tailored to your professional and personal needs.


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