12th November 2021

Coworking in a Post-Pandemic World

It’s safe to say that, in one way or another, coronavirus has impacted all of our working lives, and as a result, it’s changed the way people think about owning and renting office space. One thing we’re noticing on this side of the pandemic is the trend for coworking re-emerging. Coworking as a concept is still relatively new for some people but actually it can be traced back to 1995 Germany. It’s thought that the first pseudo-coworking space emerged from a group of computer engineers in Berlin, which is where the community-led idea hackerspace was born.

Their idea was to create a space that built community and allowed fellow computer enthusiasts to unite as a way to minimise their spend on facilities and equipment by sharing these costs, while also providing an opportunity for sharing of knowledge and collaboration.

The idea has since blossomed. Here at Adapt we continue to offer coworking spaces as part of our service – in addition to private offices for more established companies.

After eighteen months of, in some cases remote working, and for others, a combination of the two, many employers and employees alike grew wary of working from home. But, as we emerge the other side, we’re seeing how coworking spaces are poised to make a comeback as part of an emerging hybrid work-based model.

Just 5 Benefits of Co-Working Post-Pandemic

There are many more, but here are just a few important ones during these times…

  1. Flexibility: For businesses who need to downsize their office space but still require office space to provide staff, coworking space is a great and flexible option. It’s also a really smart choice for businesses going through change or transitions, and can be a helpful stop-gap too during growth spurts, until you decide your long-term plan.
  2. Collaboration & Creativity: You’ll be working alongside other professionals. Perhaps you’ll meet your next client in a coworking space or maybe other useful contacts such as good suppliers or other individuals who can share their ideas and creativity with you. It can even lead to other forms of collaborations and provides a natural space for meaningful connections and relationship building.
  3. Cost effective: You don’t have all the usual commitments, long term leases or other purchases, facilities and costs associated with setting up a new office. Coworking spaces have done all of that for you.
  4. Builds Community: A coworking space really is just a great way to build an even stronger work community. The notion of working with other peers not affiliated with your business really offers a great sense of community and an opportunity to meet new people both socially and professionally.
  5. Removes Pressure: You don’t need to worry about purchasing small details, printers, coffee making facilities, furniture or making sure the office has good transport links, a coffee shop near by – coworking spaces like Adapt have thought of all those things for you. Several less things to worry about!

Coworking Membership at Adapt

Ultimately, for those who would like more flexibility in access a shared office environment, our cost-effective coworking membership would be a great place to start. You can select your own spot in our Lounge and start to reap the benefits of connecting with others again.

Our Lounge

If you haven’t seen pictures of or visited our Lounge area, it’s effectively a cleverly designed shared office we’ve created to help you do what you do better. We provide spacious desks, booths for internal or information meetings, comfortable sofas and just a bit of space to spread out.

Spaces to Breakout

If you ever requite a quiet spot for a call, our private phone booths are perfect. If you’re one of our coworking members, you can easily book one of our meeting rooms (for up to 12 people) at our members preferential per person per hour rate.

Community & Play

As part of the Adapt community, you’ll have the option to be involved in our weekly events, which change regularly. We have sports pitches, courts, picnic areas and beautiful outdoor areas when you need to get away from your working environment.

Coworking Membership costs from £160 per desk per month. Please do get in touch if you’d like to learn more about the availability we have left.