Team Building Beyond the Office: 5 Simple Social Activities to Bring your Team Together

In the bustling world of work, fostering a strong sense of unity and camaraderie among team members is essential for a thriving and productive workplace.

Although the idea of organised fun may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there’s no denying that social events outside of work are unparalleled in bringing teams together.

Luckily, Adapt by Arc is conveniently located within the grounds of a vibrant business park on the outskirts of Uxbridge, offering no end of team-building activities that are both enjoyable and effective in strengthening the bonds between coworkers.

To help you step away from the formal office environment and interact with colleagues on a more personal level, we’ve rounded up some of the top social activities in and around ARC Uxbridge business park below.

Elevate team spirit with onsite exercise

There is nothing like a good game to bring everyone together. From the World Cup Fever that sweeps the nation every four years, to the excitement around the Wimbledon each summer, sport is fantastic at connecting people.

It promotes collaboration and communication amongst teams, with interactions on the sports field often mirroring those inside the workplace. For example, developing strategic game plans on the pitch, can be similar to deciding the best way to tackle a tricky client in the office, or formulating a complicated business pitch as a team. Not only that, but it’s crucial for improving brain health, reducing the risk of disease, and strengthening muscles.

At Adapt, there are a range of sports facilities on offer including a five-a-side football pitch, a netball and basketball court, table tennis area and a softball field – perfect for coworkers looking to get competitive – as well as regular yoga and Pilates classes.

Connect at community events

One of the benefits of joining a business park community is the regular member events. Think casual meet-and-greets, skills-building workshops, artsy craft sessions and interesting clubs – all set up for you and your team to jump into, usually with no extra costs. Events at Adapt include a monthly book club, community lunches, wellbeing classes and more.

These shared moments outside the office environment contribute to a positive work culture, breaking down professional barriers and building a foundation of mutual understanding.


Uxbridge’s coffee shop gems

Coffee is a key ingredient to any workday. Not only is it vital for boosting energy levels and spurring on bright ideas, but a cosy café can be the perfect setting to help coworkers unwind and disengage from work-related stress. It opens the door to those informal interactions that allows colleagues to get to know one another better and build trust.

Looking for your next coffee spot in Uxbridge? The Rusty Bike, just a 20-minute walk away, serves homemade baked goods and excellent expresso in the heart of Fassnidge Park. Head into the town centre to Harris + Hoole, a rustic cafe chain serving specialty brews in the town centre or visit The Clubhouse which is conveniently located on the ARC business park site, just a stone’s throw from Adapt.

Afterwork drinks at Uxbridge’s coolest bars

Sometimes a cocktail or cold beer is the best way to truly unwind with work friends. Luckily, Uxbridge has plenty of stylish bars and traditional pubs that are perfect for an afterwork drink.

Bar Italia offers house infused cocktails and homemade authentic Italian cuisine, with a resident DJ every Friday-Saturday. Or The Miller’s Tap is a modern pub with fantastic range of beers, wines, and spirits.

Those looking for a more traditional atmosphere can head to The Crown and Treaty, a historic sixteenth century pub that prides itself on its wide selection of local ales and delicious food. Why not gather your colleagues and enter the regular pub quiz night as a team bonding exercise?

Workplace walking

Social activities with colleagues can be as simple as heading out on a lunchtime walk. It’s a laid-back, informal way to connect beyond the office walls. Walking together breaks down any stuffiness and makes conversations flow more naturally. Plus, getting some fresh air and movement can do wonders for both your body and your brain – it’s like a quick energy boost.

Top walking spots around Uxbridge include Fassnidge Park, Denham Country Park and Black Park Country Park.

Whether you want to chat about work or just have a quick natter, it’s a great way to switch up the office routine.

From onsite sports and community events to discovering coffee shop gems, stylish bars, and even casual workplace walks, there’s something for everyone at Adapt by Arc. These shared experiences outside the office contribute to a positive work culture, breaking down professional barriers and transforming coworkers into a closely-knit, motivated team.