5 Reasons Co-Workers Thrive


Why People Thrive in Coworking Environments


For years now, there have been many studies out there that establish just why and how employees thrive. Research shows that people who belong to coworking spaces report increased levels of productivity – it seems co-workers really do thrive (1). This is compared to those who work in regular offices.

Here at Adapt, we offer a multitude of working spaces, coworking space being just one. A coworking space is effectively a membership-based workspace where you’ll find an eclectic group of remote workers, solopreneurs, freelancers, consultants and other independent professionals – who all work together in a shared, communal setting. So, what is it about coworking spaces that allow individuals to thrive?

1) More Agency

In a nutshell co-workers have more job control. You see, coworking spaces are generally-speaking more accessible. Workers can choose whether to put in a long day when there’s a tight deadline or when to take a long break in the middle of the day so they can hit the gym.

Effectively, you get to choose whether you want to work in a quiet space with focus or in a more collaborative and community space with shared tables and where interaction is encouraged. You can even decide to mix it up with remote working. Effectively there’s more agency and co-workers value this autonomy.

However, if you have too much autonomy such as remote working 24/7, this can lead to less structure and discipline in your professional life. This isn’t the case for everyone, some are better at balancing this than others. However, co-workers based with us here at Adapt generally report that having a community helps them to create structure and discipline, it’s motivating. The bottom line is – some structure works. Especially when it’s flexible and there to serve you. It offers the optimal degree of control for those who work independently. It’s what we call the sweet-spot.


2) Work Feels More Meaningful

Many people who use our coworking spaces often report that work feels more meaningful. How so? By and large, those who work from traditional offices don’t always access a range of different companies and ventures. If you do share a building with other companies, usually folks keep to themselves. Whereas in coworking spaces these different businesses share the space and mix more. This leads to more collaboration. Offering freelancers, small businesses, consultants and solopreneurs their autonomy while also giving them the freedom to tap into other potential.

Working in an environment where there are different sorts of businesses and projects going on can help to strengthen your identity. Through discussing your line of work with others, this can reinforce your self-esteem and strengthen your identity, allowing you to stand apart from others. Plus, being part of a culture that stems in community and support can often provide people with more meaning, through collaboration, learning and sustainability. Suddenly you’re part of something more, a social movement of sorts, but one you can move in and out of freely, as and when.

3) Community Feels

Speaking of community. Community is an integral part of coworking which can be a fantastic place to share ideas, reduce overheads and a way to create a flexible workspace. Many of us thrive more when in touch with human contact during our working week. That’s why community is helpful. It might sound like a throw-away buzzword, but the fundamentals are that people just thrive more when around others. We offer a social and community environment here at Adapt – one of many reasons why our people enjoy our coworking spaces.

4) Mindset Matters

Remote working can be a godsend. Sometimes we just need to be home-based. However, and there is a BUT. We’ve all seen first-hand the highs and lows of remote working. The lines between home and work start to merge, and the distractions can be crippling.

This is just one of many reasons why our co-workers appreciate the space at Adapt. Not only are we on the fringe of London, but coworking space allows you to keep your home life separate to your work life. Boundaries are important. Coworking spaces can bring people together and allow productivity and that all-important professional and work-based mindset we often need.

Also, that all-important coworking you receive with in-person contact can make a world of difference to your mental health. Having that community you can tap into when you need to can do wonders for our mood and general wellbeing, not to mention creativity.

5) More Creativity and Teamwork

Which leads us nicely onto our fifth point. Although working with others isn’t always necessary, many of us work best when ideas are bounced around. Often these moments occur in fleeting interactions while making coffee or waiting in line for a sandwich, other times, those considered and pre-planned meets with fellow co-workers can get us through a tough day and lead us to those all-important light-bulb moments.

 You’re bound to feel higher levels of motivation and encouragement when working with others. Collaboration with fellow co-workers can allow us to take more risks, think differently and really shine.