How Exercise Can Improve Workplace Performance

In the race to achieve productivity, an unexpected ally has emerged – physical activity.

As well as the benefits you can reap for your mental wellbeing, the link between exercise and work performance has a profound synergy that deserves some more attention.

While the battle to balance modern life with a true sense of wellbeing may seem complex, and at times feel unattainable, exercise might just be the age-old secret that spurs on productivity, unveiling the transformative power that is movement.

Ways that exercise can increase your productivity

After a bout of exercise your body is flooded with endorphins – nifty neurotransmitters that boost your mood. But their impact extends far beyond a fleeting high.

Embracing more physical activity can result in a sharper focus, improved cognitive function, and heightened problem-solving abilities – the trifecta that elevates your work performance.

The more you invest in your wellbeing through physical activity, the more your productivity soars.

When your body feels invigorated, your mind follows suit, resulting in a state of peak performance that radiates through every professional endeavour.


How exercise can reduce stress at work

In the demanding world of work, stress often lurks as a formidable opponent to productivity. Enter physical activity – the ultimate stress-fighting ally whose endorphins go on to act as natural stressbusters, helping to reduce anxiety and clear brain fog that often puts the blinkers on a productive day at work.

Engaging in regular exercise not only reduces stress levels but equips you with better resilience to take on new challenges and navigate any obstacles that present themselves to you, translating directly into the workplace, enabling you to tackle your daily tasks with a clear mind.


Elevate your performance through movement: 7 ways to move more in the workplace

Learning to embrace the power of movement could be the key ingredient in your recipe for success.

The link between wellbeing and productivity is taken one step, or one workout, at a time.

Here are 7 easy, low-kit or no-kit ways to incorporate movement into your workday routine to boost performance and productivity:

  1. Incorporate Desk Stretches and Mobility Exercises: Did you know you can easily do stretches and mobility exercises right at your desk? Shoulder rolls, neck stretches, seated leg lifts, and wrist rotations can help alleviate stiffness and promote better flexibility. Better yet, they can be done completely discretely!
  2. Take Walking Meetings: Instead of sitting in a conference room or round a table, consider taking your meetings outside. Walking meetings not only encourage movement but also offer a change of scenery that can stimulate creativity. Grab a colleague, and a coffee and head outside to discuss ideas while strolling around the premises or a nearby park.
  3. Sneak In Some Micro Workouts: Some exercise is better than none at all. Set a timer for 5-10 minutes and try easy bodyweight exercises like squats, lunges, push-ups, or wall-planks. These short bursts of activity can be done in a small space and provide a quick energy boost too!
  4. Embrace More Active Breaks: Instead of scrolling on your phone during breaks, opt for a quick burst of activity. Pop the kettle on and do a set of star jumps, high knees, or jog in place for a few minutes. These bursts of cardio can elevate your heart rate, increase blood flow, and re-engage your mind.
  5. Try Yoga and Breathing Exercises: Integrate yoga poses and breathing exercises into your routine to reduce stress and improve focus. A few minutes of deep breathing, combined with poses like downward dog, cat-cow, and seated twists, can help relax your body and mind. You can find guided videos online for quick office-friendly yoga sessions or join a session in person.
  6. Why Not Take the Stairs: Climbing stairs is a great way to engage your leg muscles and get your heart pumping. It’s a simple yet effective way to incorporate more movement into your day without needing to get creative or set aside additional time for activity.
  7. Walk to Work: If you’re local, consider walking to work. It’s a fantastic way to combine exercise into your daily commute, getting your body moving and offering a chance to clear your mind in the process.

 Remember, the goal isn’t to exhaust yourself but to infuse easy movement into your everyday to improve your wellbeing without disrupting your workflow.


Choosing Uxbridge: Your Hub of Physical Activity and Professional Excellence

At Adapt by ARC in Uxbridge, our community isn’t just about workspaces; it’s about nurturing a lifestyle space that promotes holistic wellbeing to fuel your productivity.

From gyms and health clubs to our onsite member wellbeing classes, at Adapt by ARC in Uxbridge you’re just steps away from spaces that empower you to engage in physical activities.

Being part of the Adapt community provides access to unrivalled sports facilities on-site too, including 3G five-a-side football pitch, a netball and basketball court, and table tennis area where you can test out some of our top tips.