20th April 2021

Top tips to motivate yourself

Let’s face it. Working from home certainly has its pros and cons.  Skipping the morning commute has been a welcome relief for many employees, but meetings can be trickier, and the novelty begins to wear thin.  Motivating yourself is whole another ball game.

To help bring back some motivation to your work life, check out our top tips.

Take a break

Regular breaks (particularly when you’re sitting down and looking at a screen) are important for both body and mind. The Pomodoro Technique was pioneered by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s, and encourages you to work in blocks of time (traditionally 25 minutes), followed by a short break (usually five minutes). It can really help with focus once you get used to the style of working, and the five minute breaks are perfect to get you away from the screen, to make a tea, and to stretch your legs. The intervals are referred to as Pomodoros after the tomato-shaped egg timer that Cirello used as a student. After about four Pomodoros, you take a longer break of about 15 to 20 minutes to full recharge.

Work to a schedule

Just like taking a break, working to a schedule can boost productivity and improve your well-being. In the office this might be the 9 to 5, but at home you may have less structure. When creating your schedule, take into account all your other commitments in your life and find a routine that lets you take care of those as well.

Change of scenery

A change of scenery does us all a world of good.  If you are continuing to work remotely then consider mixing up your working locations.  Maybe consider working from home half the week and find a shared workspace to use the rest of the time.  Working in a shared workspace can bring many benefits including networking opportunities, learning about new services or making way for collaborations and partnerships.

Have a coffee

People are reporting an increasing feeling of loneliness and isolation when working from home.  According to a new survey by UK job board Totaljobs, almost half (46%) of UK workers have experienced feelings of loneliness during their time in lockdown and amongst those working from home, two thirds (67%) say lockdown has reduced the variety of their daily social interactions. In fact, workers have noticed a steep decline in the actual number of colleague interactions, with these halving on average during lockdown.

All this shows how important it is to stay connected with work friends and colleagues. A virtual coffee break serves as both a little break, and a social check in for health and well-being.

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