22nd April 2022

Networking for Co-Workers: How to Network in 2022

For some, networking can feel like a ‘dark art’ at the best of times, but if you’re a co-worker, in many ways, it’s arguably much easier these days. Even more so in 2022! Not only because accessibility and reach is easier and much faster, thanks to the joys of digital platforms, which have allowed us to broaden our net much further. But also, for those co-workers who share an office with other businesses or solopreneurs, there are even more opportunities for networking on your doorstep. Here are just a few ways and hows we can approach networking as co-workers in 2022. Don’t feel too left out if you’re not a co-worker – many of these apply to other types of workers, too!


Revisit Your Existing Network

The first step in reviewing your networking strategy is to revisit what you already know. Send a personal email or even send a hand-written branded postcard to your existing contacts and suggest catching up over drinks or a coffee sometime. Or else arrange a gathering where a group of you meet and reconnect.


Be Proactive On Social Networks

This might sound obvious, but being active and engaged on social networks has been proven to lead to new connections, new suppliers and new clients for many co-workers. It all starts with creating the right kind of content on social media and also reciprocating with others – hence the word ‘social’ – two-way, meaningful communications is key. It will lead to attention and engagement from the right partners. Remembering that Linkedin’s organic reach is now like no other.


Starting Conversations on LinkedIn

Speaking of which, LinkedIn really does deserve its own paragraph. The thing is, you’re already half-way there when it comes to LinkedIn. Your profile is a billboard to the world. It provides an instant reassurance – it’s a ‘foot in the door’ and the 2022 equivalent of approaching a stranger at a networking event in the 90s. The relevance of the environment is second to none – your core audiences (and their respective followers) are all there ready and waiting – and so really, it’s simply about starting a conversation. Simply “like” posts, comment and respond to articles that engage you and share relevant content to your following and industry. You’ll expand your reach online and potentially start conversations with those you might not have encountered in the flesh.


Walk and Talk at Work

Co-workers also have the advantage of being in an environment with other like-minded professionals. It’s a real opportunity and a reason why many of our co-workers chose to work here at Adapt. Invite your fellow peers out for a drink after work. Or combine it with some exercise in our grounds and head out for a lunchtime coffee, walk, and catch-up.


Eventbrite, Meetup and OnlineEvents.co.uk

Another great way to make new contacts and learn something new is by attending one of the many online events, workshops, talks or webinars. You never know who you’re going to meet. Often, there’s an opportunity to contact the host or participants afterwards to chat further or exchange contact details for the future.


A Free Pair of Hands (or Ears)

One of the most enticing ways to network is to offer your services free of charge. You don’t need to give away too much of your time (unless you feel it will be worth the investment) but through offering your skillset, consultancy or knowledge, you can often win friends and influence people. This will often provide people with several things – a first-hand experience of what you can offer. You’ll be memorable, more trustworthy because your potential client has a better feel for you. Plus, people will experience a willingness and generosity, which often leads to future business. Giving back really is a great way to showcase your expertise and value in the co-working community.


Thinking Outside Your Country

Where possible, reserve online networking with those too far to reach in person. One of the upsides of the pandemic has of course been that we’ve all embraced online meetings – and although we appreciate that most of you have far-surpassed your tolerance for Zoom-fatigue by now –let’s face it, it’s an excellent platform for reaching out to contacts further afield.


Chat To Everyone at Adapt

We encourage all our co-workes and residents to get to know one another. Literally talk to anyone and everyone you meet at Adapt! You never know what kind of meaningful connections you will make while making a coffee, tucking into a doughnut, or waiting to be served at the Clubhouse here. You never know who that person might be – it could be your next client.


Other Events / CPD in Your Field

Although in-person events, conferences and exhibitions have been restricted in recent years, things are opening back up again in 2022 (plus, many virtual connections are here to stay). One way to do this is to join a professional body or association related to your field. Attending any in-person or virtual events will provide you with an excellent opportunity to meet with like-minded people.