22nd May 2020

Finding the joy in work

Joy, it is a powerful thing. An emotion that can fuel progress and success. You have all likely experienced it. When you are in a good mood and full of positivity, you feel like anything can be conquered and all issues can be put to one side. And you can imagine how beneficial that is for any workplace.

A business driven by the ups and not held back by the downs.

Beyond the generous benefits, wonderful surroundings, good work life balance and great colleagues, researchers have commonly found that any progress at work, by the individual or the team, brings about joy.

Progress has been found to be the largest contributor to enjoying work, which is intrinsically linked to both positive motivations – people are more engaged, interested and willing – and perceptions – people are more supportive, efforts are acknowledged, and there is a greater sense of camaraderie.

“Progress has been found to be the largest contributor to enjoying work.”

Progress is often seen as a great leap or breakthrough and these are rare, but the good news is that even small wins can boost morale, and these happen more regularly. Providing you with the opportunity to maintain and channel this positive energy for a great working environment and future successes.

Here are five ways to keep spirits high:

1. Have small milestones that are steps achieved towards any large goal.

Establish and define these milestones and ensure you celebrate them when they are achieved. If even in a small way. This will keep the momentum up, people focused and feeling of success.


2. Put in place business practices to make wins achievable.

Emphasise your seriousness in targeting these wins by allowing autonomy, being open to new ideas, providing sufficient resources, setting realistic timeframes, and encouraging learning and development.


3. Communicate and notify others about the small wins.

Create a way to effectively keep others in the business informed. This will contribute to building a team atmosphere including with those working remotely, and have people feel acknowledged.


4. Talk about the wins.

Do not just rely on technology – speak, show emotion, and elaborate on the value of the win. A personable approach will bring about more excitement and enthusiasm amongst the team.


5. Align milestones with appraisals.

People are driven and motivated by their own progression, so it is important to align their wins with their futures. The milestones should be steps towards personal goals as much as they are the wider business ones.

Please get in touch if you have any great tips to help make a great working environment. We would love to hear and share your ideas with the Adapt community too.