Do plants really help to create a better workplace?

In today’s ultra-technical and fast-paced work environments, the idea of incorporating greenery into the office might seem like a quaint notion. After all, what difference can some pot plants or an indoor garden really make?

According to the experts, adding foliage to the office doesn’t just brighten up that dreary décor– it can boost employee productivity, enhance wellbeing and spark creativity, amongst a multitude of other benefits.

In this blog, we’ll make the case for adding flora to the workplace and shine a light on the ways that plants can improve your office.


Improved air quality

One of the most obvious advantages of adding plants to the workplace is their ability to improve indoor air quality. Plants act as natural air purifiers, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen while also filtering out pollutants and toxins from the air. This translates into a healthier and more refreshing environment for employees, improving overall physical wellbeing and helping to prevent headaches, tiredness and allergies too.

In fact, there are several compelling ways training can have a knock-on effect of your business, which we’ve unpicked below. Let’s discover why the quest for knowledge is priceless.


Enhanced wellbeing

Interestingly, investing in some office plants may work wonders beyond just physical benefits. Experts believe that humans have an innate connection to the natural world, referred to as ‘biophilia’, and that when we’re surrounded by elements from nature, we feel happier. In fact research shows that being in the presence of plants can reduce levels of stress and anxiety by 37%, and decrease feelings of fatigue by 38%.

Therefore, adding some greenery into the workplace offers a cost-effective way for bosses to increase job satisfaction, and happiness amongst their staff.


Increased productivity

Every business is looking for ways to make their workforce more productive, so that they can maximise output and have that competitive edge and it’s possible that the presence of plants might be the answer.

Research conducted by the University of Exeter found that employees who worked in an office filled with plants, experienced a 15% increase in productivity compared to those in a more simple office set up. They also reported higher levels of workplace satisfaction, concentration and engagement in their work.


Creativity boost

If your workplace thrives on innovation and creative thinking, plants can be a valuable asset. A touch of greenery can drastically brighten up desk space and create a sense of life that is otherwise hard to generate in a traditional office. Their presence can break up the harsh lines of a modern workplace and add a natural element to the design, which helps to inspire workers, stimulate their creativity and problem-solving skills, leading to more innovative ideas.


Five tips for incorporating greenery into the workplace

Now that we’ve explored the advantages of plants, how can you effectively integrate them into your office design? Here’s some practical suggestions:

  1. Choose low-maintenance plants – Pick plants that are easy to care for and require minimal attention. Succulents, snake plants, spider plants and pothos are all great choices for an office setting.
  2. Strategic placement – Place plants strategically throughout the office. Think about where gets the most natural light and consider areas where employees spend the most time, such as desks, common areas, and meeting rooms.
  3. Maintenance plan – Work out who is going to water the plants, prune them and make sure they’re getting enough light. These are all important factors for maintaining a healthy and vibrant plant.
  4. Use plant pots and containers – Although it’s not essential for your plant’s health, selecting stylish containers for them can elevate your office décor even further. Also, consider picking pots with built in drainage holes or liners that prevent overwatering and potential damage to flooring and furniture.
  5. Educate and involve workers – Get input from your employees on their plant preferences and any potential allergies. This ensures that the greenery you choose is well-received and doesn’t pose health risks. Encourage employees to take an active interest in the office plants by providing information about the benefits of plants and their care.



Incorporating greenery into the workplace isn’t just a trendy design choice; it’s a strategy that can significantly enhance the work environment. From improved air quality to stress reduction, increased productivity, and enhanced creativity, the benefits of plants in the workplace are well-documented. So, if you’re looking for a way to create a better workplace for your employees, consider adding some greenery – it might just be the change your office needs to flourish.


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