Debunking common coworking myths

The last few years have seen coworking gain momentum, with collaborative workspaces springing up across the world thanks to new hybrid and flexible working practises.

Coworking spaces have plenty of benefits for workers, from increasing productivity and creativity to improving overall job satisfaction (Entrepreneur). They’re also a great solution to avoid steep overhead costs and the loneliness of remote working.

However, many people are still sceptical, with misconceptions about the suitability of these spaces for certain people or organisations rife.

Let’s myth bust these misconceptions and make the case for becoming a co-working convert…

Coworking spaces are noisy and distracting

Whether you work best at a shared desk or require a private meeting room – coworking spaces are strategically designed to work for a wide variety of needs. Adapt’s coworking space also offers users access to break out pods and individual booths, empowering people to pick the environment that helps them work best, with the right level of background noise for them.

Anyway, maybe a little buzz isn’t so bad. Research suggests that people who use busy coworking spaces experience increased levels of productivity and happiness, thanks to the opportunity they have create to connect and collaborate (Harvard Business Review).

Many of us work more effectively when we can bounce ideas off other people or are motivated by body-doubling to help get the task done. Combine this with the positive social benefits of coworking interactions and see how the work model can make a huge difference to your experience at work.

They don’t offer privacy

There are plenty of measures in place at coworking spaces to ensure confidentiality is always protected for your business.

Taking a confidential phone call? Step into a phone booth. Presenting a top-secret project? Draw the privacy curtains across the meeting room windows.

Thinking up that next bright idea? Work in one of our enclosed pods. Despite privacy being a valid worry for some, confidentiality is something you’re completely in control of.

Coworking spaces are expensive

Compared to renting a traditional office space, utilising a coworking space is an affordable alternative to the traditional workplace set up. Not only does it minimise overheads by saving on office upkeep, Wi-Fi, and amenities such as tea or coffee, but the rental agreements usually run on a monthly basis, unlike the long-term leases associated with traditional offices.

Most coworking spaces offer a variety of membership plans, ranging from set number of days a month to full time access, which enables workers and employers alike to pick an option that’s economical, whist still meeting their business needs.

It’s also important to note the less tangible values of coworking. For instance, the spaces provide an environment for likeminded individuals to network, and these connections could go on to pay dividends for your business – especially if you’re just starting out.

Coworking spaces are just for freelancers

Although coworking spaces are home to plenty of freelancers, a rapid change to the way in which we work post-COVID means that many businesses are joining the coworking revolution too! This includes large corporations, innovative start-ups and entrepreneurs.

In fact, the coworking space is unique in its ability to attract such a wide variety of skillsets, ages, experiences and backgrounds – one of the elements that makes them perfect place to base a company.

Did you know, even big businesses like IBM, Microsoft, and Verizon take advantage of coworking spaces, recognising that they offer flexibility, convenience, and new opportunities for their employees (Coworking Resources).


If you’re still unsure about whether or not a coworking space is the right for you, then why not take a guided tour of Adapt with Farrah, our Community Manager.

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