9th December 2020

Choosing the right office space for your business

So, you have found a location you like, potentially even an office building, but what considerations are there for picking the right type of office or coworking space for your business and colleagues.

Understanding and planning the office layout will help with determining the right space aligned to your needs. From individual offices and dedicated meeting rooms to break out areas and quiet work desks, here are some key factors to consider.

Privacy can be key to productivity and is necessary for some business matters. Morale and workflow are known to suffer if those who require privacy struggle to get it within the office. Sometimes people need to be able to close the door to focus, have a private conversation or work through a client issue. This may require complementing the latest open-plan design trends, which encourage more collaboration, with rooms that offer added privacy.

Noise from chatter, collaboration and activity will provide a good atmosphere and can even be energising to some. However, too loud and employees may become distracted and complain. Look to address the balance between sociable communal spaces, meeting places and quieter areas where people need to focus. Depending on the office layout, sound-proofing may be a good, necessary option.

Meeting space is more than a room. Different types and sizes of meetings may suit different areas. Informal meet-ups can benefit from a more relaxed setting and furnishings, whereas larger company presentations will require the right technology, and a more intimate setting for smaller groups or private conversations may make them feel more comfortable.

Lighting, especially natural light is proven to help with people’s moods, energy levels and productivity, as well as influence the atmosphere and make an impression. Selecting an office with plenty of natural light and maximising it throughout the space can have a beneficial impact on your team. Include lighting as part of your layout plan, and ensure you have the appropriate lights aligned to specific needs and how work-spaces are used.

Proximity and visibility of varying people, teams and departments will help with efficiency and collaboration. Especially with those who often work together and employees in team coordination or leadership roles. Consider how teams and departments within your business work together on a day-to-day basis, and how best they can be positioned in the potential new surroundings.

Whatever your business, when selecting office space lead with how yours operates and how your employees and colleagues work, independently and collaboratively. Base your decision on business needs with the room and a layout to suit rather than be guided by design trends.

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