Best Coffee Stops for a Client Meeting

Coffee is usually the key ingredient to fuelling any given working day and often the cornerstone for good meetings. On 1st October it’s International Coffee Day, which got us thinking about just how lucky we are in the Uxbridge area to have so many good coffee spots in the vicinity. So here is our round-up of the best coffee stops for a client meeting. 

Costa Coffee

Good for…  WIFI and free tables 

In at number seven is Costa Coffee. The Pavilions branch is just a mile away from Adapt, and close to the station, and we love it because you know what you’re going to get at Costa Coffee. It might not offer the most revolutionary coffee experience but you know there will be lots of the hot black stuff on tap, served quickly, and usually enough room to find a seat. Plus you can order online – both for delivery and ‘click and collect’ for extra convenience.  

 51 – 52 High St 

In The Pavilions 



Frank’s Coffee Shop

Good for… transport links 

We’re certain all of you will have passed this iconic, independent coffee shop at the tube station. Let’s face it, Frank’s Coffee Shop (also known as Pop Ins) is a bit of an institution and has been around for donkey’s years. Food often comes with an Italian twist, and the coffee wets the whistle. 

 162 High St 


UB8 1JZ 

 (in Uxbridge tube station) 


Windsor Café: Hong Kong Café

Good for…  something a bit quirky 

With a good selection of coffee, ice creams, waffles, pastries and crepes. This isn’t a traditional coffee shop. Known for service café style food such as sandwiches and cooked breakfasts in a quiet cafe on Windsor Street. Escape the busy town at this quirky little coffee stop. 

 22 Windsor street 


UB8 1AB 


Krispy Kreme

Good for… croissants (just kidding) 

Did someone say doughnuts? OK, so this is more of a deep-fried baked goods kinda place than a coffee stop but hot drinks are also available and what better accompaniment to coffee than an iced ring. 


Unit UM4 Intu 

High St 


UB8 1LA 


The Rusty Bike Café

Good for…feel-good coffee (and punctures!) 

The Rusty Bike Café is a great little spot on the Rockingham Parade. Definitely a good place to head if you have any bike troubles. The Rusty Bike Café is also a not-for-profit company that supports people with mental health illnesses, helping them to get back into employment. 


The Yard, Rockingham Parade 


UB8 2UW 


Harris + Hoole

Good for… hardcore coffee fans or foodie clients 

If you’re looking to impress, head to Harris + Hoole. The coffee is top-notch and they’re known for serving speciality coffee and good food in a convivial setting. 


The Market House 


UB8 1JN 


The Clubhouse, Adapt

Good for… coffee on your doorstep 

In at number one is… The Clubhouse. OK, we’re biased. But it doesn’t get more convenient and you can impress new clients with your office space, easily introduce your client to other team members and even opt for a walk in the grounds, all while being in that neutral space of a coffee shop. Plus, the coffee is pretty good, even if we do say so ourselves. 

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